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You are welcome to the General Science Department of the Osei Tutu Senior High School, Akropong – Ashanti. The Department with a touch of EXCELLENCE.

We would like to appreciate you for visiting our Department through this website. We exist to produce confident, able, and responsible citizens and future leaders under the vision and mission of the School. Students come to the Science Department for a superb all-round education and leave with a clear sense of purpose and an enthusiasm to survive and to succeed in life

We hope this website will provide you with most of the information you seek about the Science Depart.

You may also visit our Needs or Challenges Page to see what you could donate to our Department. Thanks for your support over the years.


The Science Department of the Osei Tutu Senior High School is well structured to reflect the aims and aspirations of the Ghana Education Service. Currently, the Department could boast of a newly constructed 12-unit classroom block, by the Free SHS Policy. Other facilities include the old Science lab and a new lab which is under construction. Our laboratories are gradually being stocked with items, tools and equipment by the school and well-wishers.

In the Department, students are eligible to choose four subjects for study as electives. A student may offer Physics, Mathematics (Elective), Chemistry, in addition to Biology or Elective ICT, as required by Ghana Education Service. Students for the Agricultural programme also offer Physics and Chemistry.

The Department is blessed with an adequate and qualified member of staff. There are 16 teachers for Integrated Science, 15 teachers for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Each section of the Department is headed by a Coordinator. The current student population in the Department stands at 1200.

In Osei Tutu Senior High School, Science teachers are highly devoted to duty. We have time for practical lessons where all classes for a particular year group go through the same modules. Our Science and Math Quiz Team has been doing well. We continue to ask for your support to better the lot of the Department. Thanks for your visit.