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Office Information

  • Senior Housemaster: Mr Vincent Osei Owusu
  • Assistant Senior Housemaster: Mr x
  • No. of Houses: 10


The office of the Senior Housemaster is a pivotal part of every boarding institution and Osei Tutu SHS is no exception. Working directly under the Assistant Headmaster (Domestic), and manned by a substantive senior housemaster and his assistant, the office generally superintends the welfare and discipline of boarding students in particular and all students in general.

Among the areas of operations are health and sanitation, prefects, clubs and societies, dining, furniture and utilities, students and staff accommodation, prep and student discipline, welfare and entertainment, just to mention but a few.

Our products have become the Abrempong in all fields of scientific endeavours on the globe. We have made it our prime objective to train students to be hardworking, studious, ambitious, honest and God fearing and who aspire to serve humanity to the best of their abilities.

There are quite a several committees that work to assist the management of the Office of the Senior Housemaster. They include Dining Hall Committee, Prep Committee, Sanitation Committee, Furniture Committee, Entertainment Committee, Dispensary Committee, Electoral Committee, and Day Students" Canteen Committee.


The core mandate of the office is to ensure a serene atmosphere for smooth academic and co-curricular work, and this the office is determined to accomplish with the help of all and sundry. We seek to achieve academic excellence through greater discipline.

There are a total of eleven (11) boarding houses namely: Prempeh House, Taylor House, Sarfo House, Beetham House, Georgia House, Banks House, Folson House, Peprah Yeboah "A" (PY A), Peprah Yeboah "B" (PY B), Yamoah House, and New House. The Day students are organized as day students but are also affiliated to the various houses.

These houses are managed by their respective housemasters and their assistants who are supported by their house prefects and assistants, a housing secretary, house sanitation prefects and dormitory prefects. Besides, all teachers are affiliated with the various houses to help in maintaining student discipline.

There are also weekly masters and seniors on duty who supervise the activities of the week assigned to them and report to the Office of the Senior Housemaster.