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  • Counsellor: Rita Ntim


A very warm welcome to all and Sundry to the O.T website. O.T is a community on its own where both students and staff (both teaching and non-teaching) are a big family, a big royal family, a big happy family for that matter.

The feeling of belongingness amongst us, students and staff makes it home away from home. The team spirit that binds teachers to give their best is dumbfounding. No wonder the school lives from grace to grace in every aspect of life

We are a team, and with team O.T, the sky is our springboard.


The counselling department is made up of six (6) teachers who have a high sense of commitment to duty with the school counsellor mining the counselling centre of the school. The department undertakes a whole lot of activities, all of which go a long way to promoting a wholistic reformation of the individual student.

The orientation program is run for new students and new teachers at the beginning of every academic year to assist them to find their feet in their new environment, to excel. Newly elected prefects are also given some leadership training to help them function very well.

Issues of social, emotional, psychological, physical health, academics, spiritual etc are all attended to, where medical and spiritual issues are referred to the medical practitioners at the health facilities and the school chaplain who has two strong prayer towers, in his church and on the staff to handle, which always yield positive results. On-on-On counselling, group counselling, conflict resolution, talk shows, educational durbars, moral teachings are done to ensure a serene atmosphere for higher concentration to achieve greater results. At the department, the wholistic well-being of the individual student is our priority