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3 years


  • HOD: Maxwell Bediako

It is the pleasure to welcome you to the website of OSEI TUTU SHS, Department of mathematics. Here you will find valuable information at academic work and subject opportunities for all students especially the Elective Mathematics student.

Although many students thrive in their studies of mathematics, we recognize that others find it challenging. Therefore, we have recruited our department from a wide range of academic experiences in the field of mathematics. Our academic continuously strive towards excellence in teaching in their various topics. Thus our commitment to student’s excellence is a testament to the philosophy of our institution and the goals of our stakeholders.

Eric Bell a Scottish mathematician once said that “Mathematics is the Queen and servant of the sciences”. I think this is a great way to think of the scope and power of mathematical thinking. To me, mathematics underlies the sciences and economics, and that statement is only becoming more true as time passes.

I understand that the tools of the trade involve a real appreciation for logic and abstraction. You are welcomed


Indeed the Mathematics Department pride themselves for having an open door, easy access policy with our students. It is our mission to provide quality mathematics instruction at all levels, to make a significant contribution to the discovery and disseminate of mathematical knowledge, and to develop within a religious environment, skilled professionals and educated leaders who are sensitive to the needs of society

3 years


  • HOD: Miss Yvonne Baaba Foriwaa

The Department of Languages welcomes you to Osei Tutu Senior High School located at Akropong in the Ashanti region, Ghana.

The language Department comprises English language ,Literature inclusive, Ghanaian language (Twi) and French.

The teachers are welcoming thus they are always ready to help students achieve their aim in life.

We once again welcome you to the school and wish your stay here would be very enjoying.

3 years


  • HOD: Vivian Serwah Appiah

I take this great pleasure to welcome you to the ICT Department of OTSHS. The department provides broad range of services to the entire students, teaching and non-teaching staffs.


The objective of the department is to become a top class ICT hub in the district and in the region. We provide our stakeholders with convenience and reliable ICT services.

The Department has a 24/7 internet access to run all virtual activities of the school, opened to students and staff. It is amazing and great to be part of this wonderful department in the school